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With 25 years of experience in the sector, Sif Modular Furniture offers quality and useful products to the world by creating furnitures.We set out from Bursa to introduce our brand to the world and we are very excited.We always offer most safe,economical and fuctional products to the consumer.Using techonogy in the most effective way is our is our most imprtance princible in production.Our company aims to design products that make your life easier in every point of your home and to make your life easier and more comfortable.

A member of the Our family, not a customer.Our furnitures are produced by considering how important effect they will have on our customers homes and their lives.Our Brand aims to be a member of the family.


We cooperate with companies that produce the highest quality products all over the world.


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Selamet Mah. 1. Kaymak Sk. No.36
16240 Osmangazi/Bursa/Turkey

+90 224 353 01 10

+90 532 724 87 87

+90 533 394 05 33




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